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Auction It is a 100% citizen owned enterprise.
We provide the Botswana market with a higher level of service and choice when it comes to asset disposal.

The company’s expertise in regards to disposal, ranges across a multitude of sales techniques in order to achieve the highest return for the seller or client from the assets that are sold, these include auctions, silent auctions, sealed bids, tender and private treaty sales. We use each disposal technique’s strengths and characteristics to best suit the job at hand in regards to time frame , nature of the assets being sold, locality or location of the assets, legal obligations of the sale and of course the requirements of the seller.


Auction It

Auction It is an innovative, market driven auction company. We specialise in the disposal of moveable assets.


Our Team

Our strong and diverse management team with an ethos centred  around customer satisfaction and auction results.  


Advertising & Marketing

We ensure that goods are marketed for a reasonable period of time before auctions. We make sufficient information available to buyers

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For more specific details, or to discuss the finer points of our business and strategy we are available on and offline.
Give us a shout, facebook us, send us a smoke signal or drop by our offices.

Auction It (Pty) Ltd
Unit N
Plot 28900, Dzibanene Road
Gaborone West Phase 4 Industrial
Tel: 3918724, Fax: 3918722, Cell: 75065378 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.